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University Crowdfunding Review I
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In its most recent Mind the Gap landscape report, innovosource identified crowdfunding as an emerging investment vehicle that may be better positioned to support the capital requirements of translational research, proof of concept projects, and early-stage start-ups than more traditional capital sources, like venture capital and angel investment.This 90-minute discussion will introduce you to the crowdfunding policy implications and two, operational university crowdfunding platforms (Full Event Details/Speakers) David Drake, Soho LoftNatasha Chopp, Michigan Tech University

Richard Glaser, Innovocracy

University Crowdfunding Review II
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To move the university crowdfunding conversation forward, innovosource brings you this showcase of early-adopter university crowdfunding models.This hour-long event will be a web-enabled discussion and cover examples at three leading institutions:

  • Background and impetus for unversity crowdfunding program
  • Key hurdles to implementation/associated resolutions
  • Successes and lessons learned
Each expert presenter will take you through their program from concept to inception, with plenty of opportunity to discuss issues central to your current challenges and support your route to the evaluation and adoption of a crowdfunding program at your institution.

(Full Event Details/Speakers)

Shad Hanselman, Arizona State University

Taylor Bench, University of Utah

Meg Weber, Colorado State University