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University Crowdfunding Report
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In its most recent Mind the Gap landscape report, innovosource identified crowdfunding as an emerging investment vehicle that may be better positioned to support the capital requirements of translational research, proof of concept projects, and early-stage start-ups than more traditional capital sources, like venture capital and angel investment.This report gathers the perspectives, insights, and attitudes from 45 universities as they relate to the adoption and evolution of university crowdfunding on their campuses. It provides an introduction to:

  • Positioning of crowdfunding in the university capital continuum
  • Current perceptions and organizational planning
  • Preferred approach (leveraging existing platform, building in-house, etc.)
  • Barriers to adoption

This report is intended for use by:

  • current and aspiring crowdfund platform managers
  • external stakeholders and policymakers
  • private investors
  • economic development authorities
  • professional organizations
FULL SUMMARY Option 1:Access to Report ($75)Organizational license to report

Option 2:University Crowdfunding Bundle($149)Organizational license to report and event recording, materials from The Crowdfunding Review Web-workshops  

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