crowdtheGAP is a community of practice that seeks to gather and share information relative to the adoption and evolution of university technology and start-up crowdfunding

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The University Crowdfunding Report
Current attitudes, perspectives, and insights from 45 universities and external stakeholders surrounding the adoption and evolution of university crowdfunding. Report is intended as an introduction to crowdfunding in the university environment (Review report contents/Get report access options)

University Crowdfunding Review Web-Workshops
Policy overviews and examples of active university crowdfunding platforms (Find out more)

Mind the Gap Report: University Technology and Start-up Gap Funding
innovosource conducted a first-of-its-kind assessment of 63 technology and start-up gap funding programs across 40 international universities and affiliated organizations This report and associated materials are meant to support current/aspiring fund managers in program development by supplying management processes, fund features, and key impact and benchmarking metrics.Review report contents/Get report access options.

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We are growing a community of practice on LinkedIn to discuss topics important to the evolution of university crowdfunding.

This is a network for current and aspiring university crowdfunding managers and external stakeholders.

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